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Fav Online Shopping of the Year

I wanted to share with you all my faves I’ve purchased over the last year. With four kids and a postpartum healing that just won’t let up, going the actual store during the day is a nightmare. Amazon has been my saving grace on that front. Going with the best two behaved kids to Target still resulted in crying//spittingup//frantic nursing//dragging toddler body on the ground, so online #foreverandever

Linen Romper: I’m wearing this right now. I kinda live in it. Yes, I look like a polygamous sect wife gone wild, but hey, it’s awesome.

Stretchable shorts: It’s called having four kids. Yes, I’m not embarrassed that my shorts are stretchable. Okay, maybe. But I LOVE these. I ordered a tad larger to be forgiving and they fit like a glove. So either my estimation of my own size is off (likely) or they run close to the bum.

Epsom Salts: I soak in this salt almost every day. It’s really good for our aching bones, people.

Naty: These diapers are the very very best. They never leak and they’re 100% compostable and the pull-ups work like a charm for potty trainers and little fat babies alike!

Electric Kids Toothbrush: it plays a mash up of American kid songs and one we don’t recognize. BUT THEY BRUSH THEIR TEETH WITH THEM SO PRAISE!

Lunchbox for the fall: After a whole school year of putting my son’s lunch in this velcro contraption that was half fabric, half wipeable, I had it. This one looks promising and it’s in my kitchen waiting to be used this fall!

Washi tape: call me a convert. Can’t live without this.

Mobile: I forgot about that sweet age when a baby will awaken from a nap in her crib and want to eat her toes and stare at the (boring, blank, white) ceiling. This one is so beautiful and handmade!

Truffles: I bought them for a friend. I ate all of them. Not going to lie.

A few of my favorite things. Thanks for clicking on through and shopping your lil hearts out. I get a small sliver kickback!