Whole Parenting Family

Catching up on all the things

Wow! Your survey answers were so so helpful. Thank you, my friends. Thank you for being here in this corner of the internet and thank you for your feedback. I resolve to write more frequently this summer about your fav topic: parenting!! and tell you all the things I’m doing wrong and what I’m learning from them. Ha!

Quick catch up on the sewing side of things. I’ve been slowly creating small batches of things instead of my usual large orders. It’s more manageable and more swiftly in  your hands that way!

Three things are happening this summer with my studio. First off, I hung a pegboard! Okay, my dad and husband did but I love the work space so much. I also found a sweet desk off Craigslist and love the size.

Limited organic knit swaddles! (And fall pre-order)

pic from grace

Custom bonnets! Pick your fabric!

And forthcoming: bloomers & caps. They’re almost all done but I’m still adding elastic and ties. Those will be available probably next weekend?

And a handful of summer bibs. I have a bunch of fabrics that are slaying me with their bold & brightness and I love them.

Okay, now you know everything I know. Or probably way more. Mom brain means I’m a little fried!

What’s happening this weekend for you?