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Rounding Out Third Trimester and Scattered Thoughts


Thanksgiving before I ate a bunch of pie. And why is that shovel out? Clearly we’ve had very little snow in Minnesota so far!

In fact, everything feels scattered these days. My mind, my hair, my ability to function. Hyperemesis is hanging on strong through week 37 and even despite my many and best efforts to reframe it in my mind and reaccept being sick and laying down, it gets the better of me some days. I feel frustration for my husband, for my children, for my sainted family that’s so helpful. I feel guilty that I can’t function as I’d like. End of pregnancy is hard for everyone, I know! It’s just a wrapping up of nine month of growing and thinking and preparing.

How special for me it comes parallel to the birth of Christ! I wish I could say this has been the pregnancy where I’ve experienced real, true patience and made time for lots of prayer, and offered up my suffering, and also stayed in yoga-ready-to-birth shape. Every pregnancy I have such high hopes! And then am laid low by the realities of how my body experiences pregnancy. This is the first time for sciatic nerve pain, though, and I must say, yowzer for my friends who suffer it regularly. These prayers I’m offering for you!

I’m ready for baby girl to come anytime, but also don’t feel anxious. If she isn’t here by 41 weeks, my superb midwife and I will talk induction options (not up for going 42 weeks like with MonsterTot and birthing a 10 pound wonder and all the recovery that entailed!). Whenever she’s ready, we’re ready. She just gave a huge kick, so I think she’s on board with this plan.



I’m closing up my etsy shop, Whole Parenting Goods, for the unknown future on Thursday! So if you wanted to grab one of my holiday blankets or plush blankets, there are very few left. Code is {whole25} for 25% off!

I love sewing so much but am pretty realistic about how much free time I’ll have with four little kids (none?) and do recall that most of newborn-hood is nurse, diaper, burp, repeat. And then soak in the tub for a hot second.


A few fun opportunities in the upcoming weeks and months to connect and build community!

blessed is she

I’m leading a Blessed is She workshop next Tuesday night right over here at 8pm. It’s on “home for the holidays: navigating through challenging relationships” because I know my family isn’t the only one who has to navigate different religious beliefs, political convictions, life choices, etc at the holidays. We’re going to talk real, deep, and have a whole list of suggested ways to either make peace or be at peace, whichever is more feasible!


I get to speak at the Catholic Women’s Blogging Network // Midwest Conference in March of next year! My local gals are awesome who are planning it and you will want to come! It’s March 25th in Saint Paul. Registration is now open. Spaces are limited so you probably want to act fast! Sign up here and partake in a casual Friday night of cocktails & mixing at a private home, an all-day action packed conference on Saturday, complete with Mass, and then a brunch meet up Sunday morning!


blessed is she

Praying for a really rocking Advent for you. Somehow AA got the decorating bug in him so he and the kids totally decked the house in holiday spirit over the long weekend while I lay around barking cautionary concerns at everyone please don’t stand on that chair get that out of your mouth keep your hands to yourself and do not light that candle. With the baby coming any week, I’m already done with presents and shopping and almost (even!) her closet nursery. But I don’t feel like I’m spiritually ready for the weeks ahead, whether they involve waiting for my baby or simply the Christ child. Never fear, for Blessed is She came out with an amazing Advent journal written by Elizabeth Foss and designed by Erica Tighe that’s sold out in hard cover but available electronically for download. I got to help edit it. It’s stupendous.

I’m hoping that by going through it daily (hashtag #bythemanger on insta), I’ll get some spiritual grounding. Hope you get some this holiday season, too!


  1. Hannah on November 30, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Scattered brain is the point of pregnancy I’m at too! And just constant crabbiness. #sorryhusband And sciatica pain is no joke, sorry you’re dealing with that on top of everything else!