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Calligraphy Class near you with Be a Heart Design {discount code}


My friend Erica from Be a Heart design is truly a gifted artist. She not only shares her talents with Blessed is She as the main designer, but so runs a beautiful art shop and teaches others who want to make the world a more beautiful place, too.

The exciting news is that she’s bringing those teaching talents to the Midwest! So please–if you’re in any of the following cities, head over now and sign up for her workshops:

August 25: Chicago Calligraphy
August 27: Chicago Calligraphy & Brush Lettering
August 28: Evanston Calligraphy
August 30: Indianapolis
And then September 18: Minneapolis

Sign up here!

And the code WHOLEPARENTING will get $10 off any of the classes!

Follow Erica on instagram or purchase some of her beautiful designs in our Blessed is She shop (yes, the planner is out of stock but we’ll be offering a Jan-Jan one so keep your eyes peeled!)