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Parenting.com Features Us!


I get an email out of the blue–Parenting.com featured our article on 5 ways to cut down on whining. Wow! Where is all this internet love coming from? First Design Mom {our house}, then What to Expect.com {5 worries to let go of when you’re pregnant}, then Verily {5 signs your boyfriend will be a great dad}, and now Parenting.com {5 ways to cut down on whining}? Feeling like the internet gods are enjoying cackling at my blah blah blahing. So there you have it. Right here, a little love from this sweet writer, Sarah Sager. Check out her other columns here.

And just because it’s a quick post, here’s a quick update on the chaos of having three kids:

Sometimes SuperBoy tries to feed his brother baseball cards. Literally. And SweetPea rocks her brother very violently in his bouncy chair while I am trying to clean up something.

big sis little bro

Like maybe the glass from my mom’s hatch-back that smashed to smithereens when I accidentally backed it out of the garage with the hatch-back up. What is WRONG with me? As if  my poor mother hasn’t suffered enough, what with me being so slow to recover and my children practicing and perfecting their naughty routines now that mama is trapped under a nursing baby.

Or our trip to the allergy doctor for poor SweetPea’s eczema which spiraled out of control in the last few weeks. That ended up with her screaming down the hallway in just her undies, all the way to the bathroom, and then screaming all the way back, naked.

While my mom handled the screamer, I was juggling the nursling while on the phone with the OBGYN, explaining  new possible infection site (not the kind of details you want to be shouting out, but when your cell phone isn’t working well, and you have to use speaker phone, some details of your privates may have been overheard by our very sweet male nurse, bless his heart).

While the allergy doc was trying to explain our course of treatment for little miss itchy scalp, I’m rushing him along so I can go see my OBGYN in a small window of time between a cancellation and her lunch. And then she consults with a surgeon and has me bounce over to his office to see if I need an abscess removed. I’ll spare you the details.

Just envision my mom, SweetPea (screaming still), BabyLoves (spitting up in his dreamy milk drunk state), and me, at three doctors’ offices in one afternoon. All the while my amazing sister is watching SuperBoy and taking him to his swim lesson where he can jump in the water whilst shouting “CHUCK CHUCK TIMBER!”

It’s been an eventful week, and it’s only Wednesday! Imagine what can happen by Friday.


  1. sarah marie on June 23, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Congrats on your internet successes! That is so exciting, and well-deserved. I’m definitely going to revisit your tips on cutting down on whining because we have so.much.of.it over here lately with the two-year-old. She’s even stopped whining in words and just whines on general vowelish sounds and “mmmmmmm”s. It’s killing me!

    I’m actually reading from a computer and not my iphone today, so I can comment {more conveniently than I could otherwise anyway}… yay!

    Hope your recovery is improving. I had a bit of post-partum drama as well but nothing even CLOSE to yours… you poor thing. Hang in there!

    • Natural Mama Nell on June 23, 2014 at 11:43 am

      Oh, Sarah, you’re in the tough stage of toddler & newborn. The whining is KILLLLLLLLLer. You have my sympathies! And I hope your postpartumness is all better now. Any degree of trouble afterwards is terrible, it doesn’t have to be as all-out as mine. Prayers, mama!