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Life with Three under Four & Five Years of Marriage

Today is our FIFTH anniversary. It’s hard to remember life before eye lines, sleepless nights, nursing babies and snuggly big kids. But once upon a time we were young and easy under the boughs, to quote the poet. (Does that mean something ahem not quite puritan?)


Engaged couple. So young!



I love my dress. Who doesn’t just want to wear it a million times??



Loved our wedding mass. So much.



But the reception at our house? The very best time of my life.

Looking back at four years.

And three years.


SuperBoy turns four at the end of June. But until then, I’m proudly proclaiming myself to be the <victim?? hostage?>  mother to three children under the age of four. Our days consist of me trying to recover from having such a BIG BABY and keeping the other children fed, toileted, and napped. Emphasis on the napped. SuperBoy still naps. Yes. Thanks be.

Things like this happen: best friends come over and they all get into the pool, clothing et al. Because their moms are busy with the babies, right?

3 kids under 4

And then the other set of best friends come over and they all get into the hammock. Because the moms are also busy with the babies. So that’s safe, right?

3 kids under 4

And then the grandparents swoop in and save the day. Or the wet socks. Either way, NuNu is getting her snuggle time in for sure.

3 kids under 43 kids under 4

But back at the Lodge, it really does look like SweetPea has forgotten her manners and is using the great outdoors like a toilet. Tsk Tsk. SuperBoy assures me that’s not what happened. He’s reliably a tattler like that.

3 kids under 4

But this is what they do all day long when they’re trapped with me.

3 kids under 4

3 kids under 4

That’s bucket of baseball cards, in case you were querulous.

Back to nursing & napping. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeu.