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7 Quickie Takes Friday linking with Jen & the peeps

— 1 —

It’s happening. This awesome gathering of women called the Edel Gathering. In Austin. And I’m GOING! Whew, thank you side monies from crafting delightfulness on etsy. You’ve made it happen. Thank you! It’s a conference for mommy bloggers, most of the presenters are Catholic so people like Jen, Grace, Hallie, and co. GREAT stuff, people! Me & BabyLoves will be traveling and compared to traveling with my older kiddos, I know (fingers crossed for no colic) this will be a breezie time. It looks like some great women from law school will be there–I haven’t seen them in soooo long! Hurrah.

— 2 —

Valentine’s Day is here and I haven’t done anything special for my man. We did color him a picture yesterday. Does that count? I don’t know. He had SuperBoy give me my present this morning (after he’d gone to work and mr. stay in his room til 7am obeyed the greatest of all commandments). Can I say SO PRETTY??

braceletWe have dinner plans & then a concert we’re attending/helping at. I have a few hours to figure something super sweet, romantic, and special for him. I did buy a maternity red dress. NEW. Isabelle Oliver. Maybe this will cut it? Consider me actually showered and hair did.

vday invasion

— 3 —

The greatest family invasion ever is happening this weekend. My sister, her two sweeties & husband, my brother, his snuggle boy & wife, finally. All of us under one very happily filled up roof. Let’s just say there have been many hours of cleaning, organizing, and resorting baby stuff. The benefit of already having had a boy & girl and not presently having an infant? I can outfit two guest suites no problemo with gear. I’m all geared up. And everyone has special little presents waiting for them. I LOVE PRESENTS! The girls have a little something like what SweetPea’s wearing  for a skirt awaiting them.

sweets & her skirt


— 4 —

When your altar boy wanna be son freaks out that you don’t know how to stack up the burser, and other paraphernalia? You google it. And that stops the screaming. We had a close family friend priest over for lunch the other day and SuperBoy wanted his blessing in Latin. His daddy’s son. He & the priest sang the Alma together. I don’t know it, but it’s the last song at the end of night prayer? It was lovely. We’re keeping it holy (terror’d) around here.

— 5 —

Do you instagram? I used to but found it was a worse time suck than Pinterest, which I only do on my hand-me-down ipad at night or early morning, in bed. Or afternoons when I’m snoozeling and they’re napping. If you do it, how do you do it and not get sucked in? And not feel like a complete narcissist?

— 6 —

Did you read the Design Mom article about how we easily aren’t present for intimacy? I LOVE her blog and really appreciated her insights onto “spectatoring.” True and something to work on.

— 7 —

And for the funniest and truest video on whether or not at home moms work? Grace takes the cake. Speaking of which, I’d like some cake for breakfast.

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  1. Jacqui on February 14, 2014 at 9:15 am

    I love Instagram and, yes, it can be a time sucker. I try and move the app icon off the main screen of my phone and into a folder. Honestly I’m terrible, sometimes I feel like in constantly checking just to see other pretty pictures and sometimes I go days without checking. I’m no help.

    But I wish you would hop back on!

    • Natural Mama Nell on February 14, 2014 at 10:17 pm

      It’s a real pull!!!!!!!!! Maybe if I limited my usage?? Is that even realistic. Let’s be honest, here. But I’d love to be able to follow you, gorgeous mama!