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when you’re nesting and feeling frantically crafty

You make a ton of stuff. In a short period of time. Because pregnant, frenetic women are more productive than when they’re postpartum and just hoping for more than 3 hours of sleep. After my post about how I’m actually doing great thriving at this stage, of course, the pride cometh before the fall, yesterday was one of those why do I stay home I’m a lawyer I could be talking with semi-rational people who don’t need time outs, threats, bribes, diaper changes, or corrective behavioral tips. Well, actually, many of those things I did do as a practicing attorney. Crap. Maybe this isn’t that different after all–aside from bribes & diapers and actual time-outs. Then I remember trying to survive pregnancy with a toddler. HAHAHAHAHAHA. So much easier than this!

At any rate, I was ready for homicide or whatnot by the time my husband came home (late because of roads & buses being late). Thank goodness I had a craft night planned with some of my ladies. We inadvertently stayed almost three hours at our sweet hostess’ home! Blabbing about some very hilarious things (pregnant piddling? I brought that up), some very serious things (one friend’s mother passed recently and another’s father almost did), and delicious things like the blondies a friend brought, the amazing cookies our hostess made, and my Ghiradelli brownies from a mega box from Costco. A very tired, but emotionally and verbally validated me hit the hay, hoping today would be better. And it has been.

We ran errands. In 2 degree weather. And visited Dada at work, meaning, he came down from the 46th floor of his building to go for a quick drive around downtown Minneapolis, plying us all with croissants from the bakery on the first floor of the building and soothing me with a hot chocolate. And I’m taking stock of all the things I’ve crafted in the last few weeks. So much ignited energy for anything that’s not cleaning my bathrooms or ironing AA’s shirts!

quilt front

Baby quilt for a girlfriend! Let’s just say quilting requires precision and accuracy. Two traits that evaded me during high school chemistry and still do to this day. I got a little funky on the backing. Woot woot!

quilt back

Nursing pads for a new childbirth education space! Triple layered, triple pack. Organic cotton flannel. Absorbent and soft. Let’s just say I need to make a bunch for me & all my nursing gal pals. nursing pads1

Afghan for our little boy due in May. The kids love playing with this–each professing it is really for THEM.

baby afghan

Organic flaxseed cotton flannel heat packs for this new childbirth ed place. So soft and so warm when heated! Perfect for the new mama body.

heat packs

Skirt for little lady friend’s 3rd birthday. Again, great enthusiasm for trying it on for size for me with my crew. Along with requests for their own. Exact same design. I just bought ribbon to finish off a batch of little girl skirts for that section of my etsy shop. Can’t wait to put them up there!


Housewarming & birthday lap afghan for my dearest girlfriend who moved back home this last year. How I’ve treasured living in the same state as her again!!

s afghan

Of course, ye old curtains for our newly face lifted  kids’ bath. So fancy. Oh yah.


And a few more projects are on the horizon for recovering furniture. Very ambitious of me. (Not really–they’re basically just pads.) Sew much to do, sew little time.


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