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S&*t My Catholic Kids Say

So yes, it’s irreverent to swear, but you’ve seen all those videos and links to stuff that a random group of people says (Crunchy Moms being my personal fav). Well my own kids say insanely crazy things because they’re Catholic and heavily indoctrinated. We participated in the adopt-a-seminarian program with our archdiocesean seminary last year and LOVE our adopted son. He’s also a total hero in the household where my kids think everything church related is the best.

Here we go:

SweetPea in chapel

SweetPea, our precious 21 month old, who is a holy terror and has a fierce temper.

: HAPPY NUN! HAPPY NUN! (upon seeing our pastor)

: No! CHESUS MINE! (upon snatching our Jesus doll made by this awesome etsy artisan Saintly Silver)

: Gwo ta it a da maaatin CHESUS Kyst s burrn (Go Tell it on the Mountain Jesus Christ is Born)

: Chesus wuves me dis I know! NO! ME! (not her brother, apparently)

SuperBoy super swings

SuperBoy, our three and a half year old who plays mass daily, and can turn any normal family event into a sing-at-the-top-o-your-lungs-in-latin-fest.

: This is my thurible and I can swing it upside down for incencing.

: In the New New Rite: I just say Corpus when I give you communion.

: You’re not folding the chalice veil right AND YOU’RE NOT PUTTING IT IN THE BURSE RIGHT!!!

: Where do we go potty in Heaven? Wherever we want?

: When I’m in Heaven, I’ll be good, but not too good.

: Santa came to bring Baby Jesus’ presents for me to open for him so I can play with them for him because he’s too little.

: Maybe we can pray a novena so the baby’s a boy and not a girl and God will listen to us because I only want brothers. I want seven brothers, and I want my sister to become a boy too. (subsequent joy at baby’s gender ensued)

: I’m going to be an altar boy, then a husband, then my wife will die and I can become a priest, then a bishop, and then I’ll retire and hang with my family.

: I had to wake up and come and wake you up because my Guardian Angel went to help Tio Peter in Afghanistan and Jesus left me.

Never a dull day. And run over to A Knotted Life as Bonnie is running her second annual Sheenazing Awards for an array of blogs. Come & find new ones to follow! My bloglovin feed is chuckful of these kinds of ladies and they’re FUN.


  1. Susanna on January 17, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    I am a little nervous about the “New New Rite” he speaks of… 😉

    • Natural Mama Nell on January 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm

      hahah! He does it in the old rite, new rite, and then one day wanted it even shorter–EEE! Let’s hope there’s not a new-new rite!