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Visiting the Nieces in NYC


Where have you been, Nell, for the last electronic week? I know you all missed me as dearly as I did you–but put your tissues aside, for I’m here! Having abandoned my brood and packed my bags for New York last week, tah-dah me + my newest love: my sister’s second baby girl!

baby loves

Our mama was amazing enough to have been out here the month leading up to the birth, and then for the first week (almost) of baby girl’s life. Then she returned to the land of the below zero temps to take over my kiddos, and I flew out here to love up these ladies.

Nota bene: flying almost 20 weeks pregnant means you should check your heavy “carry-on” bag that you have to shove into the overhead compartment, and if you suffer from migraines brought on by air trapped in your sinus cavity as the plane descents, bring nasal saline as a pre-emptive strike. And if you’re going to throw up in the car on the way to the airport, bring a change of . . . errr . . . you know what happens.

But once I arrived, it’s been easy sailing. No throwing up! Sleeping in! Playing with my adorable Goddaughter who’s 2.5, helping with the bebe. For those of you who know my sister’s eldest had a very rocky start, you’ll be pleased and relieved to hear everything went well this go ’round. Rockstar mom in natural labor; healthy baby on the other side of it all.


I miss my loves, but it sounds like their missing of me is stymied by their love affair with my mom and sister, Tia KK, who have made life one big Choo-Choo Bobs, snow-building, music-making, hide & go seek adventure. They’re in for a big let down when boring ole mama returns. And of course, AA is super dad and makes every night a party & a half, including praying Compline with our alter-boy-in-training.

Love from the Big Apple. I’ll have a cronut for you. Or six.