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Seven Quick Takes Friday take 2

— 1 —

I have three posts brewing. None ready, so here we are, joining up with Jen and her lovely gang of writers. Don’t know Jen? She’s a great writer, mom, and hilarious person. Not that I know her personally, but our electronic personas would be pals. I did my first batch of quick takes a while back. So number 1, I’m making cobb salad for a weekend out of town. Smitten Kitchen you know I love you. Recipe here. Drool worthy bacon inside. Go for it. I’m just making it as a vehicle for bacon.

— 2 —

Our bathroom project is coming along–*cue Alleluia Chorus here*–in large part due to my dad’s diligence. I catch him coming over after work and scraping, telling SuperBoy, wear your face mask over your nose, not inside your mouth. The two of them are project boys together. I’m still debating about the walls. What do you think of this herringbone stencil? The base color will be a really light eggplant. And the floor has decades old herringbone tile. Too much?


A good girlfriend with a fabulous eye for design has been instrumental in guiding me. I just want a bathroom that will look lovely for a really really long time so I never have to refinish a bathroom again. This has been way less fun and way more work than I had imagined.

— 3 —

SweetPea has developed her personality, full bore. She’s almost 18 months and so snappy and zippy. The girl never stops moving. She literally runs around the room until she collapses, laughing. Sometimes she likes to parade past her brother with toys in her hand, dangles them in front of him, and then promptly pulls back, shrieking NO. It’s like her own way of getting back about being the youngest. And she says everything he says. On the slide at the park, I heard her uttering something “ma-tah, ma-tah” only to realize she was enunciating: MY TURN just like him. Get out of the way, SuperBoy. She’s large & in charge.

hammock time

kick kick kick

— 4 —

We’re watching Monk. My sister-in-law’s mother suggested it. We’re hooked. It’s not sexy or too scary. It’s the perfect mind melt for the end of the night. I may also sneak away during nap time and watch some as well. Maybe. Don’t tell AA. Monk is a private detective who used to be a homicide investigator. He has SO many phobias and fears. When I watched a fat mouse scuttle across the kitchen floor this morning at the godforsaken hour of 6am, I thought, what would Monk do? Should I call the exterminator? Or just shriek and run upstairs and call my dad? Let’s guess.

— 5 —

I’ve been sewing & cutting up a storm for a big new retail order. I’m so beyond excited for it–but also worried I won’t get it all done in time. Let’s just say this is me, feeding my kids breakfast, oh trah lah lah, and also cutting Bandit Bibs from the designer fabric, the organic cotton flannel, the plush minky. This is me, listening to AA talk about his day at the end of the night, with a cutting board on the bed, standing there, cutting away whilst listening. This is me, watching the kids fight over whose dollie is going to be first in the baseball line up, cutting away. Cut cut cut. Gotta get rolling on the sewing part too!

— 6 —

Sleep. It’s been brutal. SuperBoy wakes up every night to join us in our bed. My facebook friends offered great advice. Nothing has worked so far. Today I told him I’m going to bake him a strawberry cake, but he only gets it if he sleeps in his own bed for a week, and I’ll show it to him every morning as an inducement/encouragement. I’m not above bribery. Don’t think it’s going to work. SweetPea is teething. You know how that goes.

— 7 —

Did you read this piece on the Syrian conflict? It explains it the bestest. Did you read this piece on not having it all as a woman? Beautiful and humbling for me being a stay-at-home lawyer mom who somedays really really wants someone else to take care of my children, and house, and meals.

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