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Independence Day & A New Baby Boy in Our Family

Happy Fourth of July! Happy celebration of the independence of our country! Try explaining that to a three-year-old.

England used to be in charge, but America thought they were mean, so then America had a revolution and became independent.

But why were they mean?

They made America do things they didn’t want to do.

So did America have time out? Time out for not listening?

Um. No. Well. Kinda. Adults do weird things.

We’ll be spending the holiday with our dearest family friends, the mother of who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s treatable and she’s so upbeat, worried more about the rest of us than herself, of course. Please pray for her & everyone around her as she goes through treatment. We’ll also spend the holiday celebrating the birth of my brother & sister-in-law’s son!!!!! AA and I are going to become the proud Godparents in just about a month. The little boy was born July 3, and is perfectly healthy and big! My brother’s deployed so this time has been a hardship on his little family, and the greater family in general. So excited little baby boy is here, finally, earthside, and everything went well.

Celebrate your freedoms this holiday. And tune in again next week for a review of my acupuncture treatments (ah-mazing), a new sponsor—sneak peak on the sidebar, and a post on food. Or maybe on surviving a three year old. Or maybe on having more children–not pregnant yet!

freedom to swing

Freedom to have your mother examine your ear and discover a bee sting.

Tio Mio

Freedom to have your Tio Mio push you on a swing. With your cousin V. Feeling amazing.

oooh sand

Freedom to dump sand on your thighs. Squush it in.
don't mind if I do

Freedom to wear your freedom shirt.

sand dump

Freedom to steal your cousin’s sand.


Freedom to have the cutest offspring in the world.

what's happening

Freedom to not look ready for photos.