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I Was Wrong About the Garden: Or How the Carrots & Parsnips Grew Fat and Long

I was too quick to discount my husband’s amazing garden efforts in discussing our failed garden here {Recap on Garden: Don’t Use Seeds}. Here at the end of October, the carrots and parsnips came out of the ground. Mostly because SuperBoy has been wildly couped up indoors and I needed a specific task for him to help me with. So we unearthed what I thought would be remarkably puny carrots and parsnips. O contraire mon frere.

Only one beet made it out alive. I think the nasty squirrels went for those stalks hardcore. AA hates our squirrels. A lot.

The carrots were so sweet and crunchy! Guess who dipped them in applesauce and humus for lunch? Oh, Mr. SuperBoy.

SuperBoy declared victory over the garden. And a great chance to get lots of dirt everywhere. Including in my hair. Woot!