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Little Boys Like to Pretend They’re the Farmer in the Dell

SuperBoy playing farmer-in-the-dell. It was another magical weekend around here.

The Twin Cities Birth & Baby Expo was great fun and my little craft table had lots of visits and sales. I’m going retail with my Bandit Bibs and Contour Cloths so look for more on that later.

He also started teaching his little friends how to properly burp a baby (doll). “Burp, pat, pat, pat her on the back like THIS <smack the doll> keep going!” His little sweet gal pal V was over on Friday night for homemade pizza {Friday Night Pizzas!}. She brought her parents along for good measure. It was so fun! Especially to watch the two kiddos play. He also taught her baseball with a hockey stick. No surprise.

Did I ever tell you that when my brother got married, SuperBoy was the ringbearer and best friends with our sister-in-law’s littlest brother who’s about 18 months old? SuperBoy gave D his favorite baseball card: Justin Morneau. D ate it. In front of SuperBoy. SuperBoy almost died. Total sidenote, there.

It’s a Monday, and that’s all I got, folks.