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What Children Learn from Each Other: Language & Movement

My sister has been here for a week with her adorable baby girl V who is just about 1 year old. SuperBoy and SweetPea are so lucky to have a cousin! It’s been wonderful for many reasons, but most fascinating has been watching the two older children interact, and then also watching SweetPea watch them. It’s layers upon layers of learning.

Most keenly I think SuperBoy has influenced V’s language and coordination. She’s added a few words to her vocab, complete with what appears to be a real understanding about what those words correspond to. He’s a real talker at 25 months, full discernible sentences and a highly developed vocab. She says “babeh” and “dahh” for baby and dog now!

And she’s really a “cruiser” now, and took two whole steps together toward SuperBoy. Her first two steps! He seems to like crawling toward her and then getting up and running away, to see if she’ll follow suit. Almost, buddy!

How amazing to learn from one another, and to learn good things, that is, as many a germ & bad habit have been passed from kid to kid. We all loved watching them watch each other, and celebrating my brother & his fiance’s forthcoming wedding, and just all being together. Family is so precious.

Our precious niece, V.

SuperBoy insisted on wearing his dad’s purple tie over his own. So yes, he is wearing two ties in this photo. It was that kind of party.

SweetPea living it up in her Dada’s arms.

The girls (and AA) chatting it up.

SuperBoy off into the sunset.