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Our New Garden Part 2: Growing from Seed Can Work!

So I was the skeptic, I’ll admit it. Somehow I envisioned AA’s seed-started garden as a small assortment of very very small plants. Instead, we’re living in our own CSA. Check out the beginning photos of our new garden here {Our New Garden Part 1} and our grand plans for it here {Prepping for Your Garden: When Is It Too Early To Plan?}.

Yeah, I’m always writing about compost and how great it is, so check these posts out too if you need a little inspiration on turning your kitchen scraps into your garden’s dream boat (what’s that phrase about one man’s trash being another’s treasure? Literally.) here {Our Compost Is Lovely} and here {Composting for Beginners}.

A girlfriend asked about our garden yesterday, and I realized I’ve been meaning to publish this post. So here’s the lowdown. And yes, girlfriend, it is funny when people ask about aspects of our lives based on what they read on the site 🙂 Funny in a good way!

1) Tomatoes: not from seed, and my only part of the garden.

I am so glad AA has taken on most of the garden, but my little loves in the ground are these 9 or so tomato plants. Can’t wait to have some tomatoes!! I took these photos last week, and the little tomatoes are ALREADY forming. So these photos are out of date, and under representative of the glory of my tomato patch.

AA has planted rouge watermelon in MY tomato patch!!! He needs to transplant them soon!!

2) The seeds.


3) Fresh lettuce in a pot, anyone? Aw-yeah. From seed.

4) The berries.

We expanded our blueberry patch considerably this year. A dear friend was in town for SweetPea’s baptism (and was here to be her Godfather!) and we roped him into help AA plant these. They ended up finishing them in the pitch dark with a big flashlight. They were troopers! Yes, you can tell our grass is dry in this photo. Sigh.

The raspberries are splendid and a part of SuperBoy’s daily oatmeal breakfast. AA has ripped up a considerable part of our front yard to accommodate their growth. We’re going border-free at this point. Why harness them in?

The strawberries are almost all June-bearing, so they had a nice run of it in June.

The best part is watching SuperBoy water with great enthusiasm as the hose is his best friend. He loves helping in the garden, watering, weeding, the works. It’s beautiful to watch him learn about 10,000 lessons all in the matter of one thing: having a garden with his Dada.



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