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3 Health Tips While Pregnant


Being pregnant a second time gives me a whole new appreciation for the amazing uniqueness of each child, and how that individuality begins in the womb. Our little daughter who is almost 22 weeks old in there is feisty, with so much movement already! And I’m discovering that I have to rest more frequently with her than when I was pregnant with little SuperBoy, despite the same amount of nausea each time. Here are few health tips to avoid bringing on nausea or fatigue.

1) Cleaning agents & environmental factors.

It is highly recommended by all the experts that you avoid skin contact, or inhalation of, certain toxic chemical compounds and cleaners during pregnancy. And I would avoid contact with most of these in general, but swear them off all together while pregnant as even the best latex gloves aren’t perfect. Baking soda works really really well.

Lead, Mercury, Pesticides, Solvents, Air Polution, BPA, and more here at March of Dimes website.

2) Over-activity.

My sister guest wrote a pregnancy fitness post here. Health care professionals recommend maintaining a moderate amount of exercise during pregnancy. This is not the time to train for a marathon, or suddenly diet & do yoga to get in shape. If you can’t hold a normal conversation while working out when pregnant, you’re working out too hard. Definitely move your body, especially in some aerobic way, but try to keep your heart rate not too high and your internal temp not too high as well.

And over-activity doesn’t just mean working out. It means be careful in your commute if you have to stand on public transportation, watch out lifting furniture or moving heavy boxes (no, no!), or even carrying heavy grocery bags in. Don’t take on standing to iron 10 shirts at a time, or any household chore that requires stagnation for a long period of time, especially on your feet, which leads me to the third point.

3) Body stagnation.

Don’t sit for too long, don’t stand for too long. Shake it up, change positions, and be sure to lay on your left side and drink water if you’re experiencing contractions or tightness in your belly. After about 16 weeks, avoid sleeping on your back as the left side allows for the best blood circulation to the placenta. Keep your blood flowing and your legs rested as swelling will increase the further along you get!

Remember that you are taking care of more than just yourself now!