why my three year old wakes up

Toddler Sleep & Big Boy Wakes

January 14, 2014

Sleep sleep sleep. It’s the obsession of parents. If you have one child, maybe you got lucky and he’s a super sleeper. If you have two children, chances are that at least one is a crumbum sleeper. Or at least when they teethe. Or they grow. Or they are sensitive to their sheets, or the color of their walls, or the company that’s allowed with them in bed (me, AA, baby dolls, baby Jesus, baby bunny, NOT her brother’s bunny). If you have more than two, you’ve probably come up with a sleep system that works for your whole household and involves some kind of cry-it-through-I-can’t-deal-with-this-you-have-to-sleep-now when they reach a little bigger baby size. I keep this whole section on sleep, with articles like (from oldest to newest): Establishing sleep rituals; Toddler night sleep trouble; Morning toddler nap: when does it end?; Co-sleeping with your babe; Ousting the co-sleeper; Moving to a big boy bed; A sleep sampler: infancy through 12 months sleep tips; Toddler quiet time. Now I’ve got two bigger little kids and balancing their sleep can be tricky. SweetPea is straight forward. She goes down at 10 and 2 for 1 1/2 or 2 hour naps each day, and starts bedtime routine at 7:30, lights out by 8. She never wakes up at night anymore. Thank GOD since she’s the child who woke up every night of her life for the first 13-14 months. Sometimes she protests her naps, but she always goes down within 3-5 minutes at the very max. If she’s hysterical during,…

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