why go on a lenten retreat

retreat! retreat!

January 12, 2016

Not that kind of retreat–as in, pulling back from combat or your small army of children, but actually, yes, kinda like that. I’m going on my very first religious retreat in March. March 12. Phoenix. Blessed is She! But Nell, you’ve been a Catholic for 32 years. You mean you’ve never done a retreat? Nope. Not that I can remember. I’ve gone to mornings of reflection for Lent sponsored by our Archdiocese and heard wonderful speakers, but a full day retreat? Nope. I’ve never traveled to another place to specifically go deeper and sit in silence to listen to God. And to listen to speakers like Heather. And to finally meet friends like Jenna. And to meet other Blessed is She women. My work for Blessed is She in the past year and a half has been the first time as a cradle Catholic I’ve done something in ministry with Scripture. Maybe the ease of being culturally Catholic my whole life made me feel less urgent about actually being active in my faith community. Something along the lines of oh that kind of thing is great but I don’t really need it because I’ve always been Catholic. What a falsehood. My notion that I could rest on my laurels, as it were, to just skate through my adult life without actually making the decision to engage. Blessed is She has forced me (in the best of senses) to read Scripture daily. To contemplate where I am on my journey and where…

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