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7 New & Easy Recipes for Your Family

August 19, 2013

I ran a post a few weeks (months?) ago with some family friendly recipes. It went over well so here are a few more that I’ve been trying out lately. Oh, yes, and there was that baking post too for the hungry mama heart. The most trying part for me about new recipes is that one can easily spend loads of time in the kitchen and have nothing but a bunch of dirty dish towels and dishes to show for it. And probably the entire time was spent snacking on chocolate chips because you were so h-angry whilst cooking. I mean, I would never do that, but some of you might snake a handful or two out of the freezer. We’ve been traveling, entertaining guests, helping friends move, gearing up for a big vendor show next weekend for my & my Whole Parenting Goods, and trying to relax. Focusing very strictly on relaxing. Relax, dammit. Instead, two nights in a row, SuperBoy has crept into our bedroom while we are downstairs, after he should have fallen asleep in his own bedroom, and tucked himself in our bed. Literally. Under the sheets & blanket, even with his little man doll Charlie Dixie in tow. It’s hysterical and hysteria-inducing. Go to sleep in your own bed, you tyrant!!! So AA carries his lifefilled sack of potatoes into his own bed and sneaks out of the room, hoping the wood floors don’t creak him away. Back to food. 1) Easy Chicken Noodle Soup.…

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