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Spring Artisan Giveaway

March 30, 2015

I love meeting ladies who are makers, doers, and creatives. It seems like a lot of us are. There’s a special kinship in my heart for these ladies so I bring you a little spring giveaway of products made by woman-owned small shoppes. Even if you don’t win, I hope you can support these ladies with your business. We have to help each other and when you buy from a local, woman owned business, you are supporting her love, passion, and hard work! 1. Store credit at Faberie. etsy * website * fb * pinterest * instagram I bring you Nadya and her sister Anna who co-founded Faberie, artisenal crafted goods. Yarn work, bead work, and pattern design are their passions. They sent over this merino wool hat & scarflet for the kids. How cool is this scarflet? It stays on because it pulls through a little opening so it can be as snug or loose as desired. I’m a fan. Weather-wise, needless to say March is in like a lion and staying like a lion here in the great midwest so the scarflet has covered those parts of BabyLoves I can’t really cover when we’re out for a walk in the sling. The baby wasn’t feeling like being held. Hardcore ab workout squiggles. And my kitchen is loving these cotton washcloths! The nubby parts make scrubbing at our granite countertop (no harsh scrubbers allowed, much to my constant annoyance due to crusty banana or oatmeal) easy. I’ve been using one…

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