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My Best Friend & Sister’s Momma Moon Product Line Review from Brooklyn Herborium

July 1, 2013

My ah-mazing sister, best friend, and organic artisan runs Brooklyn Herborium with her partner, Emma. Their product lines include holistic skincare & home cleansing. We all use ’em everyday. Me. The kids. The man. My parents. My siblings. Anyone who washes their hands in our sink. Anyone who’s lucky enough to get a little gift slipped to them by Molly. She & Emma double-handedly run this company whilst juggling their own babes. And they are working on opening their space in Brooklyn so you can get treatments, products, and loveliness all in one spot. They hand-make it all, through traditional processes with all-organic and natural products. The effect? Something beautiful, safe, and soothing to any skin type. Brooklyn Herborium is a new blog sponsor—-> looking to the bar on the right, peeps. And I received a Momma Moon Collection from my sissie to review for the blog. Even though I’m not an expecting mama (yet), I’m still a mama whose skin is woefully neglected and who’s still nursing. I need all the skincare help I can get. Find them on the web, blogging, facebook, pinterest, & twitter. ——– Here’s the rundown: See the Momma Moon Collection on her site. It includes Reap Your Wild Oats, Massage in a Bottle, and Full Moon Facial Oil. The collection provides a sweet discount for the trifecta collection in lieu of individual purchases. 1) Reap Your Wild Oats. The description on her site is as follows: Reap your Wild Oats is our organic, gluten-free grain-based facial…

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