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7 Quick Takes volume ?

October 16, 2014

— 1 — It’s been a wild week with some health problems for me (in the never ending saga of still healing from my 10 pound baby) and my etsy shop getting really busy with a bunch of new offerings. And so many great articles around the net! And the Wellness Family Summit that was a free online conference all about health. Wild. I tell you. Wild week. — 2 — Me: let’s just say the hits keep coming with another round of infections and a new problem that hopefully won’t require surgery. Because no one wants to know about my lower regions, we’ll keep it to that. If I’ve not emailed you back or been slow on the responses, it’s not you. It’s me. Thank goodness for dear friends who come over for a playdate, bring the lunch, bring a dinner, clean up, and hold my baby so I can just lay there and yak yak yak at them while the kids play happily in the driveway. How blessed? So blessed. — 3 — etsy, not regretsy! Should I even tell you about regretsy? Just google it. It’s a hilarious site about things that people regretted buying on etsy. Let’s just hope none of mine ever end up there. So new offerings–or should I tell you about what’s been hot lately? I’ve mailed so many little boxes of love out! New offerings. We’ll stick to simple. British wool scarves! Simple double wrap scarf that will take the place of your…

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