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Sorting Out Which Differences Matter Between Us

January 23, 2017

The past few weeks I’ve been in the blur of a newborn, complete with being pooped on, spit up on, and little sleep. But in those few moments of clarity, when the older kids are playing nicely (okay, very few moments), and the baby is nursing or sleeping on my shoulder, I’ve felt deeply there has to be a better way to sort out the differences between us as women. I’m seeing this in the Catholic circles, but lots of my thoughts here apply to all women, regardless of creed. My social media feeds are chuck-filled with people telling other people they’re wrong, and they’re not just wrong, they’re WRONG. Like, so wrong that they’re bad. If it’s not whether or not you marched for women (pre-born & born) last week or you’re marching for pro-life this week, it’s Santa Claus. If it’s not whether or not Santa is “wrong,” it’s yoga and (Godforbidwetalkabout) yoga pants (are they leggings or tights and can you wear them without anything covering your butt?). If it’s not exposed curves, it’s working and being a mom. If it’s not abandoning or saving your children, it’s natural family planning. If it’s not spacing or trying to have kids, it’s how you feed those kids. And on. And on. Okay, ladies. The moral questions are few and far between. They really are. The rest is discretionary. I know it’s hard to find and believe such gray mass exists, and that it’s okay for your sister to…

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