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August 19, 2015

SuperBoy eating compost, a few summers back. Wowzer! He is going to tell it like it is: dirty & fun. But first, a more recent post of 5 essentials I LOVE having as a mom. And the nine BEST toys for baby before 1 year. 1) Apparel a) Wrap, sling, carrier, baby backpack–I really only use my Sakura Bloom and my Ergo or Boba. For hiking I use a phil&teds. b) Clothing, layette, pacifier chain or holder I have my infant capsule wardrobe here, my tot one here, and my pre-k one here. My kids live in cotton onesies + leggings with maybe a sweater tossed on top! c) Sleep sacks, swaddlers, wearable blankets, swaddle blankets d) Socks You only need two kinds of socks for infants. Triple roll socks and Smart Wool baby socks. The rest fall off and are useless. 2) Bath a) Bathtub, bath toys, bath mat, bath stool A tub that has both an infant compartment and a toddler one is good. See example here. A bath mat for outside the tub is nice for laying your baby towels on (a little extra padding when you lay her down, kicking and screaming to be leaving the water). Toys! Our SuperBoy loves his toys in the bath. He’d probably stay in there all day if we let him. A stool (can double as a nursing stool) is great for when you’re leaning over the tub, or observing play as she gets older.  b) Towels, washcloths, a mini-robe I thought baby sized towels…

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