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Week Eats v.12 // Meal Planning & Link Up

February 20, 2015

Hi. Remember me? With my high resolutions about meal planning? It’s been a bit of a mess over here. But I’m determined to get back on my own band wagon. Is it called a band wagon if it was yours? Like you, singular? The purpose of Week Eats is to give each other ideas and inspiration on what we’re preparing for the week for food. And if you’re a blogger, and you blogged about food in any capacity this week, link up so we can get inspiration there, too? Peas and thanks. My friend Rachel started a great Facebook group with her meal plans for the week. Talk about saweeeet? Yup. Sweet. So ask to join here and see what wonders she performs. I’m inspired. And hungry just reading it. I’m going to borrow a little from Rachel and then scoot back to my usual and predictable ways, Smitten Kitchen, et al. The week is a special one because our dear friends in a band are staying with us. So I’ll be feeding seven hungry men in addition to my usual crew. Monday: steak night and celebrating a special birthday I’ve been doing steaks the Alton Brown method with cast iron skillets in a 500 degree oven. And they’ve been really ruddy good. So go read his method here. Cinnamon roasted butternut squash. Mushroom risotto with peas. Sweet potato fries made right. Two desserts: strawberry mousse and lemon poppy seed cake. Tuesday: Beef Chili & chocolate cake. I won’t eat…

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Week Eats v.11 // Meal Planning Made Easy

February 13, 2015

Guess what?? I am not going to let you down this week. Meals for all! And guess what’s even better? My friend Katie who is an actual chef hosting the link up & comment in this week? Yes. She’s amazing and kindly took me up on my pleading to breath some chef life into our little adventure here. She writes at The Humble Onion. So head to her. Link here. And stick around her place. I think you’ll like what you read. And your stomach will too. Comment there with what you’re planning on feeding your kids, self, friends, and loved ones this week. Or if you’ve blogged it, put your link in her link up! Cheers! And thanks to Katie for saving my bacon.  

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Week Eats v.10//Meal Planning Linkup & Comment On

January 31, 2015

It’s that time of the week. Week Eats is your friendly meal plan. Okay, really it is all for the sake of my poor husband who has been married almost six years and eaten by the skin of his teeth every single night. As in, it’s 4pm and no meat is defrosted 😉 See our other volumes here. Your part? Comment with what you’re eating or link your blog post about food. Help each other find new recipes! I’m going to focus on lunch & snacks as dinners have been going very smoothly around here. Something I learned about myself in my month fast from processed sugar is that I don’t eat a nutritional lunch. Therefore by mid afternoon, a handful of chocolate chips, or a grab at cookies or fudge sounds appealing because I’m not full on good food. And after ruining my appetite for dinner (surprise, surprise, your mother was right about that), I wouldn’t have a great appetite for dinner. Then later in the evening, when hungry, enter: ice cream. There’s nothing abhorrent about a little sugar here and there, but it took me going without it for 30 days to realize that I was abusing it. So I’m resolved to be conscious about lunches beyond the norm for me and the kids, and having good snacks on hand, too. Monday snack: Homemade granola bars. Made them last week. Delish!! Following this recipe. lunch: Fresh cucumbers and bell peppers with hummus, whole grain crackers, slices of deli harvarti cheese,…

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Week Eats v.9// Comment & Linkup Meal Plan

January 16, 2015

It’s that time of the week. Week Eats is your friendly meal plan. Okay, really it is all for the sake of my poor husband who has been married almost six years and eaten by the skin of his teeth every single night. As in, it’s 4pm and no meat is defrosted 😉 See our other volumes here. Your part? Comment with what you’re eating or link your blog post about food. Help each other find new recipes! And without further ado, these friendly recipes are coming mostly from my awesome Whole Parenting No Sugar 30 Facebook group. I am loving the supportive atmosphere for kicking refined sugar to the curb. Way to go, group! My salads this past week? Some good some bad. I am not as big a kale fan as I thought but quinoa is still a big love affair for the kids (thank God) so that went over better than I thought. And as I thought, AA wanted more meat. Men. note: pics belong to website where I found recipes. Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken & Mushroom Farro Risotto Tuesday: Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin.   Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup with Bacon.   Thurs: Meatballs & Spaghz.  AA makes an amazing meat spaghetti. But I wanted to try something different to surprise him. I’ll let you know how he likes it. Friday: homemade pizza as usual but toppings?? Maybe some of these tips? What are you eating??

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Week Eats v.8 // Comment & Linkup Meal Plan for the sugar-free suffering

January 10, 2015

Hey gang! Welcome to Week Eats. It’s my weekly comment & linkup post about what you’re planning on eating this week. As you probably know, me & over 100 friends are doing a No-Sugar 30 where we are being conscious about the processed added sugar in our diet and giving it the boot in an effort to stop the addiction. Naturally occurring sugars in fruit, honey, pure syrup, dates, coconut, etc are just fine. The point is not to be an extremist, but rather to identify all the hidden (and not so hidden) sugar portions in our lives and lessen them for a healthier us. Join the Facebook group. Follow the pinterest board. Back to what we’re going to eat around here this week. I realized how few vegetables I eat raw (optimal way to consume them to get all the nutrients). I mean, I’ll roast or steam some with dinner, but lunch? What do I actually eat for lunch? Grilled cheese with the kids? Pasta with the kids? Maybe leftover soup from the night before? It’s salad time. I’m skipping committing to dinners as I just really gotta focus on lunches for right now. Sorry, AA. I have pinned a ton of salad recipes on my ::la salad:: pinterest board and I’m ripping from them for this week. Monday: Kale Avocado Sesame Tangerine salad from Joy the Baker. Tuesday: Mixed greens & Sauteed pears.  Wednesday: California Quinoa Salad. Thursday: Kale & Clementine Salad. Friday: Chop Salad with Cilantro dressing.   Eat…

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Week Eats v.7 // Meal Plan Comment in & Link up CHRISTMAS FOOD!

December 19, 2014

So lovelies, How are you gearing up for Christmas, if you celebrate it? With food on the brain, of course. Let’s pretend you don’t need my last-minute shopping gift guide and you’re simply contemplating your table spread. Here we are at Week Eats, my weekly comment in linkup food planning for those of us who are terrible at it. So comment with your food ideas or link to your blog with the link below. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions. You’re changing our lives! For your perusal: the first week when I had lots of pictures. The second week when you had lots of ideas. The third week when I was out of steam and you guys saved the bacon // dinner. The fourth week which doubled as THANKSGIVING PREP! The fifth week when I had high hopes for a few of these recipes. Don’t ask me why this is volume 7. I just follow the numbers. I’m planning for a really stellar Christmas Day dinner, with a light spread to be eaten over the course of Christmas Eve (when we open gifts), sprinkling in lots of semi-healthy treats and a few dishes because most of my family is in town and we have lots of folks crammed in the house who need to eat. Monday Chicken, asparagus, & penne. simple, simple. Following this recipe: for Creamy Chicken & Asparagus Pasta. Tuesday Frittata again! This time, from PW’s (that’s Pioneer Woman to you): Sunday Frittata. Sorry it’s on a Tuesday,…

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