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jewels from joules–>that time Nell did a photoshoot in her backyard

September 14, 2014

My poor sainted husband. This man. He has to listen to me talk all about my online life, my online friends ((waving)), and now take photos of me in the backyard at 8pm while I’m fake laughing. Bear with me here. {{was I supposed to lighten my teeth? they’re a little yellow. #sorrynotsorry}} It all started when I met the wonderful ladies from Joules at The 100 Event this summer. Joules is a British company, accent included, that offers lovely high end clothing & accessories for your whole family. And boots. Cannot forget the boots. They sent me this beautiful dress (I’m wearing a slightly different version), this handsome men’s polo shirt, and these stellar vests for SuperBoy & SweetPea. At the conference, we were gifted an amazing bag (see more of their selection here), and will be mailed a pair of their famous boots! Remember that if you’re on a budget, they have a fabulous and affordable outlet section too! Scroll down . . . \\\\ for giveaway! \\\ So we set out to photograph them. The dress, the vests, the whole kit & caboodle. I had an impulse to shower after dinner, and then blow dry my hair, apply two layers of lipstick, my face oils, no eye make because HELLO large glasses!, and then make my husband photograph me. Maybe it wasn’t the best timing? The kids wanted so desperately to help. And then so desperately not to go to sleep after. First I leaned up against the…

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