verily magazine Features Us!

June 18, 2014

I get an email out of the blue– featured our article on 5 ways to cut down on whining. Wow! Where is all this internet love coming from? First Design Mom {our house}, then What to {5 worries to let go of when you’re pregnant}, then Verily {5 signs your boyfriend will be a great dad}, and now {5 ways to cut down on whining}? Feeling like the internet gods are enjoying cackling at my blah blah blahing. So there you have it. Right here, a little love from this sweet writer, Sarah Sager. Check out her other columns here. And just because it’s a quick post, here’s a quick update on the chaos of having three kids: Sometimes SuperBoy tries to feed his brother baseball cards. Literally. And SweetPea rocks her brother very violently in his bouncy chair while I am trying to clean up something. Like maybe the glass from my mom’s hatch-back that smashed to smithereens when I accidentally backed it out of the garage with the hatch-back up. What is WRONG with me? As if  my poor mother hasn’t suffered enough, what with me being so slow to recover and my children practicing and perfecting their naughty routines now that mama is trapped under a nursing baby. Or our trip to the allergy doctor for poor SweetPea’s eczema which spiraled out of control in the last few weeks. That ended up with her screaming down the hallway in just her undies, all the way to the bathroom, and then…

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5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will be a Great Dad

June 6, 2014

SuperDad AA with our Godson and SweetPea back in February. So it must be that I’m on some kind of a roll! Another humbling opportunity to guest post, this time for Verily Magazine, a new magazine for the modern woman. Let’s just say everything on there is beautiful, real, and makes me want to abandon my wardrobe and poor culinary skillz and only follow their advice. On everything. Speaking of advice, I wrote an advice column on relationships for them: 5 signs your boyfriend will be a great dad. How do I know what the signs are and if they’re valid? Well, I did marry Mr. Perfect and he is Mr. Dad of the Millenium, but more importantly I dated a bit and I talk A LOT with my friends on this topic. Isn’t that the only thing girls talk about? Aside from world peace, chocolate, and Downton Abbey? My five signs are he listens, he is patient, he is sacrificial, he has a sense of humor, and he is a hard worker. My sister Molly says the fourth (humor) should be number 1, but really they’re all number 1. Five number 1 traits! Come over to Verily Magazine and plan to hunker down and stay for a while. It’s a glamorous glorious experience. Read it . . . here.

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