typical stay-at-home day with two

Sample Day with Two Kids

November 14, 2012

Life is a roller coaster, right? The high highs, the low lows. Children punctuate those highs and lows, lending a deeper height and depth. Whole Parenting is all about familyhood, developing the whole person of your child, and living the challenges and joys of parenthood. So how do I achieve this? Some days it’s just about survival. I’ve swapped lawyering for home life, etsy, & blogging. Here’s a little sample day in our lives. 6am: AA up & out the door. Nursing SweetPea in our bed. Morning: SuperBoy up and at ’em. Attempt to nurse SweetPea back down in bed, and hoping she doesn’t awaken just yet. Try to convince him to sleep more. Try to convince him to go potty on the toilet. Change out of PJs. Try to convince him to come downstairs. Probably snuggle in bed with him for another half hour, reading books, saying morning prayers, and counting all his buddies. Make him oatmeal, yogurt, & fruit dish {Toddler Breakfast Delight}. Convince him to eat while sitting in his chair. Listen periodically for SweetPea on the monitor, and checking her actual little face. Start laundry. Read books. Listen to music. Have a dance party. SweetPea awakens at some point. Nurse her, change her, put her in her chair so she can watch her brother and maybe have a little banana & rice cereal. Clean up after everyone. Try to eat breakfast myself. SuperBoy goes for quiet time on his bed reading while SweetPea is nursed & rocked…

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