toddlers don’t need many toys

The 8 Item List: Must-Haves for Our Toddler

November 3, 2015

Since BabyLoves is really more like PowerBoy these days at almost 18 months, it seemed appropriate to make mental notes of what a third born child actually uses as a toddler, versus those reams of items you think you need (and, indeed, you do need!) the first go ’round. His personality is both insanely sweet and totally fire-breathing dragon. He will utter “gggeeenntle” before biting me while nursing. He will snuggle up with my dad for days on end, and swing a bat at his sister’s head, or lob a candle at her. He has been walking since ten months, running since ten months and two days, and went through a climbing phase that has led me to believe he will be a mountaineer. Right now he understands pretty much every direction, and is fairly compliant with most of them. Except removing the humidifier water jugs. Those he drags around at every opportunity. And throwing books into the toilet. That, too, is a mystical experience for him, punctuated with tearing pages out of them first. His do-or-die toys // activites consist of: 1) Books: his latest ones Little Blue Truck: gift from his Godparents and the lyricism is just great! Roadwork: great cadences and lots of outdoorsy stuff he likes. Slide & Find Trucks: slide. find. trucks. win. Colors: Bright Baby: gift from a dear friend when my daughter was born but he’s obsessed! 2) Cardboard box Anything that he can sit inside. Like a cat. Or be dragged around in…

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