toddler and pregnancy

Second Pregnancy with Morning Sickness

September 16, 2011

Yes, we’re expecting baby number 2 in mid-April! Needless to say we’re thrilled, excited, petrified, and happy that SuperBoy gets to be a big brother. The biggest challenge of being 10 weeks pregnant is that I have a bad case of the all-day morning sickness and a toddler who runs, plays, teethes, and wants to go outside all the time. I was very sick with SuperBoy the whole 9 months and am praying for reprieve by 12 weeks this time around! My midwife recommended a few different ways of coping with the extreme nausea. Please add ones that worked for you! 1) Food. All the time. Any time. Anything that sounds appealing. Protein. Ice cream. Whatever can stay down (not much). Ice cream does stay down better than other things, and bland does appear to be the order of seasoning at this point, much to my chagrin as I love my Thai and Persian food with some taste. 2) Acupressure & Acupuncture. I’m wearing Sea Bands on both wrists–which helped defer vomiting for a day–and considering acupuncture. Did this work for anyone else? 3) Ginger. I just loathe the taste of it, but have managed to suck down a few ginger drops. These and preggie pops just don’t taste very good to me. But I should really give them a large-dose try. 4) Vitamin B6. Haven’t done it yet. 5) Zofran. Only if absolutely necessary. I had to take this for a while with SuperBoy as I was being sick…

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