time as a parent

Making time for time

March 24, 2015

I have no time. I’m sure you don’t either. There’s no time for quality conversations with other adults. There’s no time for quality skin care (thank GOD for my sister’s products or I would look even older than I already felt). There’s not enough time to even make more time. So what do we do? We moms of littles. We moms of many. We moms of one. We working moms. We at home moms. We healthy moms. We struggling moms. We strong moms. We tired moms. We bold moms. We translucent moms. I’ve been hit hard with this. In some ways, since I had my third, I’ve been on the go. In other ways, I was so forced to stop and slow down I thought I’d never be able to have my get up & go again. We have traveled a lot, conference, other conference, weddings, family visits. But I also was in bed for almost two months after I had him because of that pesky infection in my uterus that knocked me supine. Time is slipping away, wriggling away from me. I never have enough time on the phone with my siblings. AA and I never have enough time with each other. I can never get enough of reading with my kids and answering their insistent questions. SuperBoy: So when we die, our bodies decompose, and the deer eat us? Me: Not necessarily the deer, but yes, our body will decompose. SuperBoy: Why not deer? Vultures? Moose? Black Bears? SweetPea: But why…

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