seven quick takes

Catching Up in 7 Quick Takes

November 20, 2017

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. I do still run a blog, albeit a very neglected blog. I’m here! Hi! Late to link up with Kelly and the gang. 1 __ 1 Still doing projects and unpacking. Anyone who has moved with children, God bless you, because MAN I am still slowly unpacking parts of the house. The parts I knew needed attention right away, like sound machines and bed sheets, and legos, and toothpaste? Yeah, those are all set. But the den and my workspace and those empty frames I’m hoarding? Not so much. The construction is slowing down. No major projects but lots of putsy ones. Beautiful new bookshelves built-in, new light fixtures, caulking (and caulking and caulking), and painting. That kinda stuff. And a new fence. I love our contractor and his crew so we will miss their company when they actually flee away from us and our constant kid shrieks. 2 __ 2 Blessed is She What’s new with Blessed is She, Nell? Oh, you know, just a new wall calendar, 2018 planner,  journaling Bible, Blessed Conversations, and our amazing Laura Kelly Fanucci’s Lent journal! I’ve hosted two sessions so far for Blessed Conversations. I love the format. I love the community that’s coming together to form a sisterhood with it. Basically, I love it. I also got to flee myself with the babe to go to a leadership retreat with Jenna, Beth, and MaryRuth. We came out of the weekend refreshed, thanks in large…

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7 Quick Ways for Mamas to Relax

February 12, 2016

I love relaxing. I love thinking about it, planning it, dreaming it, but I don’t actually love doing it. In part because I’m constantly thwarted from pursing my side projects by the actual task of tending to and loving up and chastising my offspring. But in other part because I really want to do when I can. So if the moment arises to relax, I will probably huddle over my sewing machine or computer to write & edit instead. I know tomes are composed about the art of relaxation. I haven’t read any of them. But what I do know is that mamas need quick ways to rest and relax because you never know when the call will come from said offspring from the bowels of the bathroom MAMA I MADE A POOPY and off you go to the races again. Linking with Kelly and her better & cleverer writing friends! 1) Close your eyes and say I think I can I think I can. Just that little pep talk. It’s like attending a conference with motivational speakers without going anywhere. 2) Do you like your robe & slippers?? I finally landed on a combo I live in. Don’t judge. To have something you can retreat inside like a nuclear fall out shelter is pretty amazing. If you don’t like yours, keep looking. AA gave me a cotton robe similar to this for Christmas last year and Molly gave me these slippers. But I also love this robe. And these slippies. 3)…

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7 small shop gifts for Christmas

December 17, 2015

I love shopping for other people. I really truly do. I love giving gifts!!! I also love supporting small businesses and organizations I believe in. My last minute, shop small, gift list. So I made my list of seven places to shop that aren’t amazon. Not to hate on the great ‘zon, but these are special. Support your local maker, mama, monk. 1) Brooklyn Herborium Just a few of my favorite things from my sister Molly. I douse my kids twice a day in her oils and balms. It’s the only protection against the harsh Minnesotan winter (plus my daughter’s eczema gets BAD without her products). She’s running a buy 5, get 1 on a few of her hot sellers. Okay, they’re all hot sellers, but these ones are SO great. 2) Natti Natti And a friend of Molly’s, Shannon, whom I so respect and admire, has launched her Natti Natti line!! Hand-designed organic cotton innovative and beautiful children’s products. This bedding !!! I’m looking at one she sent over right now and can’t wait to do a full review in January when I talk to you about how we revamped the kids’ room. Support a hard working mom of two: 3) Sassy Knitwear A local friend who is a seamstress extraordinare designs and sews with her partner all these lovely threads. My kids love theirs!! She’s kind enough to offer a coupon code for 25% off through Dec 31st, good in-store, too, locals! Thanks to Sarah & Molly over…

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Humiliation that Only a Three Year Old Can Heap On {7QTs}

September 17, 2015

This past week, I actually had an in-real-life moment that mirrored what I’m always encouraging other moms not to get worked up about little kids are just like this, right? At moms’ group, my daughter had a complete screaming fit while grabbing ahold of me, in front of everyone, while I was taking notes on the white board. I love cheering and encouraging the young mom on. I’m often thinking about the problems we face, and blabbing about it on Facebook. Or snapping a really real pic of my house’s messes and screaming kids for instagram just to say, hey, it’s okay, we are all in this hard time together. I had to cheer myself on a little bit. Because every now and then, be it at swim class or at mom’s group, or anywhere that isn’t in her comfort zone, my three and a half year old SweetPea can really lose her s*&t. And so it happened the other day. I was embarrassed, a little. I was kinda glad it was my kid and not someone else’s because I wasn’t that embarrassed. Maybe I should have been. I scanned the crowd and figured the ladies with older kids thought that looks familiar and the ladies with younger kids probably thought what the heck is her problem and why isn’t Nell doing something about it. Buckle up for a long narrative. Ready? Here’s my overwritten version of the aforementioned meltdown. 1) It was going to be a busy day. A busy, driving around, balancing boxes of napkins…

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run around and check out all these nice things!!

August 7, 2015

It’s Friday. That means you get a seven point chop up of my life for the week. And hop to Kelly’s blog to see a ton of other blogger’s 7 Quick Takes too! Highlight of my week? Seeing Haley and her family and then watching our kids enjoy enjoy enjoy themselves. She’s embarked on a wild adventure #crosscountrycarrots on social media. Look at our kids demolishing their popsicles <– new fav makers of them! The kids have no idea it’s all fruit and vegetables and very little juice. 1) Deodorant. Let’s talk about a paste you apply swiftly to your stinky underarms when you haven’t showered for a day or three, and need to go another day. I get in the bath regularly with the baby but that really great scrub & shave in the shower? It can be too long. Too long for the likes of those around me, too long for my baby’s head when he snuggles with me and then smells like me. Too long for everyone involved around here. I have the solution. Really, truly. Pitty Party. Molly’s organic skincare line just released deodorant. Of course, she knows me of old. It works. It WORKS. It WORKS!!!!!!!!! For a long time. And it’s so delicious and easy to put on with your fingers because you just rub it on your hands & knuckles afterwards–no post-application wash required. Not too grainy. Not too thin. All around da best. Buy now. 2) Raising kids with special needs. Did…

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7 Quick Takes volume ?

October 16, 2014

— 1 — It’s been a wild week with some health problems for me (in the never ending saga of still healing from my 10 pound baby) and my etsy shop getting really busy with a bunch of new offerings. And so many great articles around the net! And the Wellness Family Summit that was a free online conference all about health. Wild. I tell you. Wild week. — 2 — Me: let’s just say the hits keep coming with another round of infections and a new problem that hopefully won’t require surgery. Because no one wants to know about my lower regions, we’ll keep it to that. If I’ve not emailed you back or been slow on the responses, it’s not you. It’s me. Thank goodness for dear friends who come over for a playdate, bring the lunch, bring a dinner, clean up, and hold my baby so I can just lay there and yak yak yak at them while the kids play happily in the driveway. How blessed? So blessed. — 3 — etsy, not regretsy! Should I even tell you about regretsy? Just google it. It’s a hilarious site about things that people regretted buying on etsy. Let’s just hope none of mine ever end up there. So new offerings–or should I tell you about what’s been hot lately? I’ve mailed so many little boxes of love out! New offerings. We’ll stick to simple. British wool scarves! Simple double wrap scarf that will take the place of your…

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