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Week Eats v.8 // Comment & Linkup Meal Plan for the sugar-free suffering

January 10, 2015

Hey gang! Welcome to Week Eats. It’s my weekly comment & linkup post about what you’re planning on eating this week. As you probably know, me & over 100 friends are doing a No-Sugar 30 where we are being conscious about the processed added sugar in our diet and giving it the boot in an effort to stop the addiction. Naturally occurring sugars in fruit, honey, pure syrup, dates, coconut, etc are just fine. The point is not to be an extremist, but rather to identify all the hidden (and not so hidden) sugar portions in our lives and lessen them for a healthier us. Join the Facebook group. Follow the pinterest board. Back to what we’re going to eat around here this week. I realized how few vegetables I eat raw (optimal way to consume them to get all the nutrients). I mean, I’ll roast or steam some with dinner, but lunch? What do I actually eat for lunch? Grilled cheese with the kids? Pasta with the kids? Maybe leftover soup from the night before? It’s salad time. I’m skipping committing to dinners as I just really gotta focus on lunches for right now. Sorry, AA. I have pinned a ton of salad recipes on my ::la salad:: pinterest board and I’m ripping from them for this week. Monday: Kale Avocado Sesame Tangerine salad from Joy the Baker. Tuesday: Mixed greens & Sauteed pears.  Wednesday: California Quinoa Salad. Thursday: Kale & Clementine Salad. Friday: Chop Salad with Cilantro dressing.   Eat…

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