grits? or grit?

May 24, 2020

Anthony dishes (haha) all about grits and grit. Grit is “courage and resolve” or “strength of character.” Watch and listen. Today’s episode is all about perseverance, grit, and endurance. Basically all things that are tough for me but Anthony has already habituated. I read a book about grit and tracking how it affects people years ago and a few things stuck out to me. // grit is a greater indication of long-term happiness in life than socio-economic status, family of origin, or IQ // grit is learnable! and you can always try again to keep developing it. It’s an ongoing formation My big comfort in all this discussion is that we can begin again, we can change! We have neuroplasticity meaning our brain can adapt and change! So I provide a little checklist toward the end of the episode of how to have more grit in all these areas of our lives: emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally. Anthony reminds us that asking for grace is probably the best place to start. How’s your grit?

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Seven Things You Might Want to Hear About

January 29, 2015

1. Web reads. Did you read Anna’s article over at In Honor of Design about Motherhood & the School of Virtue? It’s breathtaking. Or a different Anna’s take on her first child & the attachment parenting approach? Honest and depthful. Or what Anne says about cost-per-wear on clothing purchases. I’m in the cost-per-wear camp. Solid. SweetPea agrees. 2. Babies My sister-in-law and brother welcomed their second boy this week. Our hearts all doubled in size. He is everything perfect about a baby. The kids are obsessed with pictures of him and keep asking all kinds of questions like what size are his diapers and will we be allowed to hold him?? We’re planning an East Coast trip to visit Molly & go to the baptism but I am so lucky I get to go for a week visit before then. BabyLoves & me = travel buddies again and we get to go and play with the boys. Can. Not. Wait. Have you watched this short documentary about a local midwife group at HCMC? My gal Emily produced it, so of course it’s fabulous. Remember her doula movie we were in? Watch and tear up over how these practitioners celebrate normal physiological birth and honor their patients. I went to the screening with BabyLoves the other day and was blown away. Weepy me et al. 3. Upcoming posts I had so much fun being interviewed by Kristin over at This Inspired Life. Keep tuned for its air date in the coming weeks! While we were chatting, I was bouncing the baby who in his infinite babyhood, had a massive poop…

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