not sleeping when teething

Teething Pain in Young Children

April 15, 2011

Babies teeth at different times, in different ways. We thought SuperBoy was teething at 3 months. In retrospect, he was probably just fatigued and letting us know about it. See post on incessant screaming here. {When Your Infant Screams and Screams and You Do Too (Inside)} Teething babies fuss mostly at night on account of the pain, but can been known to gnaw on anything available during the day, including but not limited to, the legs of chairs. 1) Chew. Cold. Comfort. Sophie the Giraffe is a great teething toy. So are the Natural Touch Teethers. I will place items into the fridge to cool them off. A washcloth with ice balled up in it, rinsed in cold water can be fun for him to suck on for a while. The Nuby Nibler filled with ice or frozen chunks of fruit works well too. Everything is short-lived, however, and does end up on the floor sooner or later. 2) Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a great method of working with one’s own body to deal with, in this instance, pain. It works differently for different people, and differently on the same person at different times. Basically, homeopathic remedies contain therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical, and biological substances. Two products have worked on SuperBoy’s gums: Hyland’s Teething Gel and Camilia Teething Relief. AND Amber teething necklaces really worked for him! 3) Medications. Infant Tylenol. We never give the fully permitted dosage for his weight and age. When homeopathy fails, and I can tell he’s not hungry, overly tired, or made…

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