my week in seven quick takes

Rolling into Travel Mode

March 5, 2015

How many awkward selfless {no, autocorrect, it’s SELFIE} can I litter this post with? I’m rolling out tomorrow for two trips back to back with the baby and cannot wait to have the chance to take more awkward selfies. 1) Another whirlwind week. Lots of play time with the kids and sewing time by myself during the sweet lull of nap time. Almost sweet. One day looked like this. Nurse baby down while older two have unusually happy moments of playing together. Rejoin older two to discover all sheets removed from beds, trucks lined up for truck rally of the sort only toddlers could dream up, and children not ready for bed. I give them a quick warning and run go look for the UPS man. Separate older two, sending SuperBoy up to his napping room (the guest room recently vacated by a dear friend from the Netherlands), and plopping SweetPea on the toilet. She can’t go. Three//four//five songs later and she is in nap mode. Read to SuperBoy this great new book “Built to Last” that I picked up in the bargain room of Red Balloon up the street. Love it. As we round the corner of our last page, she is screaming I MADE A POOPIE AND POTTY. Pause with him. Go back to her, wipe, re-do everything, put an unhappy girl back to bed. Go back to him, finish our page. Go back to her while she screams I AM HUNGRY and trot downstairs, kicking the hallway humidifier in…

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