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What’s in My Bag {{linkup + Lily Jade giveaway}}

February 4, 2015

I’m a mom of three under five. You’d think I have figured out how to pack my bag so when I leave the house, there are no unmitigated disasters. Well, I cannot guarantee this. In fact, I really really cannot. Three kids these ages in public for prolonged periods of time can mean any number of issues. Hunger. Fatigue. Flat out tantrum. You’d also think I wouldn’t even want a diaper bag anymore. And I don’t. That’s why I love my Madeline in Canvas because it’s a purse with a secret diaper bag side. This fall I had AA take pics of me & my leading lady. Remember? This winter, it’s been a real workhorse of a bag. I take it with me everywhere. But when I pack my bag, I try to pack for everything that could happen. Unless I just tuck a diaper & thin pack of wipes inside the baby’s car seat and then snug them into my sling while we go. So this is what I pack when I am ruddy trudy prepared. I don’t use the baby organizer insert any more because a few items in my bag are for winter, and for me, and wouldn’t need a compartment. Also I find the Madeline has enough outer pockets that nothing gets lost in the bottom. Ever. One of my favorite parts. Winter gloves, house key, beautiful infinity scarf from my sister that doubles & triples over, a rosary from Lourdes, my sister’s honey balm for…

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