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6 Ways I’m Honoring My Spouse

December 11, 2014

I’m still a novice spouse myself, almost six years in. So don’t take anything here as word from on high. In fact, take it with two fistfuls of salt because what you do with your spouse is probably totally different than what I do with mine with respect to this. But given that I have a blog and love to feel like an expert {NOT}, you get my take on this. For the first time in our marriage these past few months, I felt guilty like I was really neglecting my husband. I mean, I kept the kids alive and I talked to him. So that’s good. Right? But him as a person and me as as person were not resonating on the same level. We were like two robotic puppets (now there’s a weird image for you) going through the motions of gathering together our energies and household, but not actually connecting. That’s in part why I wrote my last post about seeking common experiences outside of family life and work life, outside of talking over drinks or snuggling in the bedroom, or for the cosleepers among us, snuggling somewhere other than the bedroom. I thought about this idea of not connecting. Then I thought about vows. Then I thought about how SweetPea thinks vehemently believes one of Santa’s reindeer is named Victim. Then I thought about Grace’s last post about Bash’s talking. Then I thought about how Bridget had her baby, Anders!!! Then I circled back to vows.…

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