learning to use the toilet early

Birth & Parenting Series (17): Potty Training by Reinforcement of the Positive

August 28, 2012

This is part 17 of our Birth & Parenting Series. Our other parts can be found on the front page under “Birth & Parenting Series” toward the bottom, or linked here. Thanks to Liv for this guest post! She shares with us her method of potty training. Yes, you can train your young toddler with determination and the right tools–way to go, parents and way to go, little V. — I’ve had a great time potty training my 19 month old.  Yes, I know, “great” and “potty training” are not words often associated with each other.  So, for this reason, I feel obligated to share my experience with other parents. Our approach was simple.  We put V in underwear.  When she peed (or pooped) in her pants, we took her to the bathroom, sat her on the potty if she was willing, changed her pants, and commented on how nice it is to be dry.  Within two and a half weeks she would occasionally go in the toilet, and within three weeks she was almost never wet; and more often than not pooped in the right place too!  I knew we’d have success sooner than later, but have been more than pleasantly surprised by how soon, and how easy, the whole process has been. As a preschool teacher I’ve seen more than my fair share of two and half up to three and a half year olds still in diapers.  Of course, parents have all different reasons for this.  They may…

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