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16 things to do better in 2016

January 3, 2016

1) wear actual pajamas to bed that I change into at bedtime and out of in the morning. 2) brush my hair everyday. 3) five minutes of quiet prayer. okay, maybe more like four is realistic, but quiet prayer. intentional quiet prayer. 4) no more buying hot cocoas at coffee shops. 5) when one of my kids ask me to read to them, or help with legos, or play dolls, do it right then. 6) stop complain-texting my husband. 7) get a dog. think about how much work a puppy is. think about it again. sit uncertain about a dog. 8) put *it* away right away. whatever it is. procrastination means it will sit there for days. 9) make our bed every morning. launder our sheets every week. 10) clean the bathrooms once a week. DID YOU HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE?! 11) say I’m sorry without following up with why I’m really right and totally justified. 12) tell my husband I love him fiercely everyday. especially when I’m annoyed with whatever. 13) eat family dinner in the Dining Room once a week. 14) reflect on the characteristics that bug me in other people–insofar as how I do them too. 15) stop picking my kids’ noses. 16) use the cold press juicer I gave AA for Christmas every day for maximum GI tract benefits. How typically New Years’ Resolutions of me! But now you know them. Hold me to them!!

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