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Power of Three: why three is better than not having three

January 27, 2015

When you’re pregnant with your third, people say a lot of things. Some women have the shocking inability to control their jaws and tell you about their horrific birthing and postpartum health issues. Others say–many say–you’re outnumbered now–or the very confusing–you’re playing zone defense. People smile, sigh, and if they already have three or more, they give this sort of look. This look like you have no idea what you’re in for. Of course you don’t. Because you’ve never had three kids before. Don’t forget my sample day with three kids under 5. Or how to juggle them. And if you’re like me and your kids are about two years apart, you soon realize that the newborn isn’t the issue. Newborns you can do in your sleep. And, in fact, you do do them in your sleep. ++Mocs courtesy of Freshly Picked++ And the four year old? He only flaps his arms and tantrums on occasion. By now, his brain has grown leaps and bounds in the self-regulation department. He gets not getting his way. He gets sharing. He’s been sharing for two years now. If he’s like my son, he’s very sweet tempered and affectionate, naturally a snuggler and wants to please. The two year old. Let’s talk about how a two year old sees the world. Mama, I want that. You can’t have it right now. I NEED IT I WANT IT I NEED IT I WANT IT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Okay, when I am done using it, if you would like it, you…

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