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September 12, 2014

Three. Oh it’s a magic number. Yes it is! Vests & purse above compliments of Joules. Sneak peek from my post for Monday (yes, Nell did a photoshoot in her backyard and showered.) We are three strong now and boy sometimes the days are long loooooong long. You know what I mean. I cannot complain {just did} but wow. The 12 hours my husband is gone can really stack up. I’m very glad he has a job and one he loves. All the same, my job kills me somedays. I love it too. But death. Chocolate. Whining. Crying. {me & them}. You know. But I digress. The day! The day! How we get through it! Grace just did a great post on a day in her life. I was inspired. You won’t be by mine. My girlfriend Kate is doing a great series interviewing moms with children aged 7 & under & over. That magic age when they’re more involved and helpful. Check it. And my dear friend Cynthia reminds me these are the three toughest ages to have, with the oldest only just 4 this summer. I sure hope so. Carry on. 6:30am. AA kisses me goodbye as I roll over to nurse the le bebe and I bleary eyed whisper DON’T FORGET YOUR LUNCH OR YOUR GLASSES before nursing said bebe back to sleep. 6:59am. SuperBoy bounds into our room shouting triumphantly It’s 7 O’CLOCK! I convince him to play with his baseball cards while I “care for…

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