four easy family foods

Four Easy Family Friendly Recipes

May 27, 2013

Who needs a few deliciously wholesome and easy meals under their belt/in their hat? Me! Me! I had tried to do a meal plan through a wholesome mama website. Gotta admit: the recipes she shared were bland, uninteresting, and not well received by the family. The trouble is, I thought I needed someone to give me a list of what I’d make every night, complete with a grocery shopping list, and then, THEN, I’d have a meal plan for the week and always eat healthfully and never cry at 4pm when no meat was defrosted and all I could offer to poor AA was scrambled eggs without bacon (in the freezer, duh). As it turned out, I didn’t need someone else’s meal plan. I needed to take the time to master one new recipe a week, and then write down what I wanted to cook on Sunday afternoon, shop for it Sunday night, and just make myself do it. Just do it. Nike’s slogan should have been, just do it, NOW, for the procrastinators among us. Here are four simple recipes that make a wholesome dinner. It’s less about the recipe, and more about learning how to prepare tasty food from what’s in your pantry (grains and beans), and how to make veggies firm & delish with butter and salt and no soggyness. I firmly believe in Alice Water’s principles of food tasting like the best version of itself, not someone else all gussied up. I can’t recommend Alice Water’s…

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