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Skin to Skin Contact and What That Means

April 30, 2012

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “skin-to-skin” contact with your newborn. You haven’t? You’re not alone. I was 7 months along with our first before someone mentioned it to me in passing. Skin-to-what? And now my daughter is almost three weeks old and hasn’t worn clothing except for when she had to leave the house. She’s always wrapped up in a blanket or on one of our chests for skin-to-skin! Refrain from separating your child from you, especially when he or she is snoozing. Just keep close to the little one! It’s wonderful for both of you. This scientifically proven method of bonding with your newborn child is both beautiful and bio-meta-physically powerful. It is when you put your newborn on your chest as close to after birth as possible, and that contact has a deep impact on you both. It makes initiating breastfeeding easier, stabilizes the baby’s temperature, calms the baby after the big entry into the world!, and actually regulates ex-utero brain development. The baby was close to her mother for 9 months, and to separate her from the sounds, smells, and other sensations of closeness is just sad. This is also why we wear our child. Here’s a beautiful table from Skin to Skin’s website on what exactly it is: Skin-to-skin contact is                    A PLACE SSC is a place where CARE is provided!  Our *care* does not change… it is a place where any *care* we give works with our biology. Skin-to-skin contact is  OUR BIOLOGY It…

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