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Part 1: Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe for Moi

May 20, 2015

Capsule wardrobes for four year olds? Two year old girls? Babies? Done and so happy with them! How about for me? I am not going to stick hard & fast to the super minimalism, but I did want to cull through and pick out clothing that would feel good on me this summer. Anyone who has experienced motherhood, physically growing children or heart-growing children has most likely also experienced the changes that come along with for our bodies. Stress and lack of sleep lead to weight retention. Multiple pregnancies lead to a soft belly. We wear scars most can’t see. And this is OKAY! I’ve written about embracing your postpartum body and I needed to re-read it the other day. None of my jeans were fitting right. Tooooo tight. I complained on fb. You guys were so supportive. Obviously I need to ditch them and buy a fabulous pair that actually fit. Eat less sugar, too? Sure. Workout more? Absolutely. But this is my body today. This is my body now. And I love the heck out of it. So I’ve made a summer capsule wardrobe for my amazing baby-making bod. For what flatters it and loves it and doesn’t shame it. And that I can easily nurse in! My wardrobe is always such a battle after a baby and this summer I want to dress stress free. Baby PhotoBOMB! Tell me what your summer staples are. I’ll dish my others in a new post soon.  

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