cleaning your house pre baby

Bucket List Before the Next Baby

July 23, 2013

No, I’m not pregnant. That I’m aware of. You know us crazies and our NFP {my article on why we pace our family naturally}. That out of the way, with two kids who finally sleep through the night–not counting SuperBoy’s 10 million getups before he falls asleep–I’ve had so much time to blog, sew, cook, hang with AA, rewatch Alias–yes, guilty pleasure from college. I convinced myself watching it would help me feel inspired to work out. Um. And watch more of it. But in this precious in between kids phase, I do want to be more deliberate in my appreciation for this time. This time with two kids. This time with no morning sickness–all day sickness. This time of lots of me (sometimes us time but I’m the nightowl in this marriage) time. Do I feel selfish? A little guilty? That I have enough time to not clean my bathrooms but hang out with you? Sometimes, yes. Other times, like the 24 hours my blog was lost in outer space yesterday, I realize how much I rely on social media to give me my extrovert booster. Thanks for being here, dear ones! You’re da best. Pre-baby #3 bucket list: 1) Redo the Main Bathroom. It just needs a facelift. Like a Lucille Bluthe kind. New lighting, hardware, wall decor, curtains, paint, ceiling fan. That’s it. Not the toily or sink. SuperBoy has taken to calling the toilet the “toily” and asking SweetPea if she wants to go on the toily.…

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