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Writing on Maternity Leave and Six Other Things from My Week

February 19, 2015

It’s Friday. That means I link my blog post with a bunch of other nuts at This Ain’t the Lyceum where Kelly is Queen. Hustle over and read what others are writing. 1. Prayers for a good friend’s daughter. Please pray for a good friend’s daughter who is only five years old and having major kidney trouble, like surgery & dialysis kind of trouble. We’re asking for the intercession of Venerable Bishop Baraga and Our Lady Undoer of Knots for healing for Mary Frances. Chime in, please. 2. What to Expect again. I’m a regular contributor at What to Expect and this month wrote on 7 ways to maximize your maternity leave. Nell, you aren’t working. You don’t have a maternity leave. I’m thinking, hey, once I wasn’t this online hanger-on-mama-lady. I did have maternity leave with SuperBoy. Ages ago! Hey, wisdom only ages well, right? Maybe. So go read it and tell me what resonates with you. 3. I launched the Lady Leggings. With quaking knees, I did the pre-launch for the subscribers to my newsletter. Now why would I want another email from you, Nell? You’re annoying enough as is. Well, gentle reader, the newsletter is just about etsy. So if you want to skip the temper tantrums and compostable diapers, subscribe and you’ll get insider scoops on new products and insider pricing. Not insider trading. Oh, you’re so not funny. And Grace was so sweet as to highlight my kiddo and lady leggings on her fabulous blog. And stay at her blog when…

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My Interview with Kristin at This Inspired Life (and six other things from my week)

February 12, 2015

My week, in seven quick takes. Linking with Kelly & the gang for this so go read other people’s takes which are guarnateeeeeeed to be cooler than mine. Except my first one. Which is so cool. 1. This Inspired Life Podcast! I had a wonderful interview with Kristin from “This Inspired Life” podcast, a podcast to inspire and encourage you to live your best life. She is just a joy to talk with. The podcast can be found here. We talked recipes, kids, my Whole Parenting Goods hand made business, the works. Enjoy and follow her on Facebook, instagram, and twitter, Of course I had multiple technology issues before I called her to start the interview. The headphones were missing for our Skype conversation. I couldn’t log into Skype on my desktop but finally got my husband’s username and password to do it on his laptop but then his laptop died and I couldn’t find the cord. I finally got my username and password sorted out, and my desktop rolling, but my desktop fan makes this weird rolling noise and she was forced to listen to that over the headset (which I found in the car??). All the while I was bouncing Mr. I Didn’t Want to Finish My Nap, who, as it turns out, had loaded his diaper with a bomb. I bounced the bomb unknowingly for 45 minutes while standing in front of my rattling desk with the headset on. Phew. But she was so easy to talk to…

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7 Quick Takes volume ?

October 16, 2014

— 1 — It’s been a wild week with some health problems for me (in the never ending saga of still healing from my 10 pound baby) and my etsy shop getting really busy with a bunch of new offerings. And so many great articles around the net! And the Wellness Family Summit that was a free online conference all about health. Wild. I tell you. Wild week. — 2 — Me: let’s just say the hits keep coming with another round of infections and a new problem that hopefully won’t require surgery. Because no one wants to know about my lower regions, we’ll keep it to that. If I’ve not emailed you back or been slow on the responses, it’s not you. It’s me. Thank goodness for dear friends who come over for a playdate, bring the lunch, bring a dinner, clean up, and hold my baby so I can just lay there and yak yak yak at them while the kids play happily in the driveway. How blessed? So blessed. — 3 — etsy, not regretsy! Should I even tell you about regretsy? Just google it. It’s a hilarious site about things that people regretted buying on etsy. Let’s just hope none of mine ever end up there. So new offerings–or should I tell you about what’s been hot lately? I’ve mailed so many little boxes of love out! New offerings. We’ll stick to simple. British wool scarves! Simple double wrap scarf that will take the place of your…

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Etsy Spotlight: Call Her Happy’s Tiny Bitty Embroidery Hoop Necklaces

May 7, 2014

When you meet wonderfully awesome ladies on the internet, and no, not in the mail-order-bride sort of way, and you discover you have tons in common, including etsy’ing in up, and they also love to eat copious amounts of olive oil on their baguettes, you know it’s time to feature their sweet etsy shop! Jenna of Call Her Happy {wonderful blogging} is also an artisan. You’ve simply got to check out her beautiful necklaces. They’re truly lovely. To get to know her & her shoppe better, I whipped out a few questions from my I-guess-I’m-a-wanna-be-journalist-not-lawyer back pocket. Check it, and order yours with the code CALLHERMAMA for 20% for Mother’s Day! Don’t think I haven’t already used my coupon! SHOP HERE! Jenna, you have a talent with a needle few can boast. Your beautiful needlepoint also brings needlepoint into the 21st century from the 19th!! No longer associated with our grandmothers, you’re bringing it back. Tell us a little about your craft, how you got started on creating, and why you love it. I think you underestimate just how granny I can be! But, I am going to take all of your kind words and run with them. Anyway, I started with embroidery after Sam was born (so a little less than a year ago). I have always loved creating, but once I had two kids, time for that was less than minimal. I discovered that embroidery was easy enough to pick up and put down when someone fell off…

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