Knit Dresses, What I’m Reading, and More

June 24, 2018

Linking with Kelly and the gang for a late seven quick takes! Organic Knit Dresses are for sale tomorrow! I have so many fabrics and sizes range from 12-18 through 6/7! I’ll add them all to the shop at 10am central on Monday so keep your eyes out for them! It’s been a big labor of love to make them all ahead of time instead of custom orders but this way, they’re all ready to ship!! Swimming I’m not a swimmer by any way, shape, form, means, etc unless my life or my child’s life depended on it. I always got a nose full of water when I was on the swim team as a little kid and quickly decided that head above water, doggy-paddling was the life for me. Alas, I seem to have produced at least two children who also feel likewise. In the land of 10,000 lakes and lots of swimming pools, I’d like for them to have the basics down so they don’t drown. My oldest girl is staunchly against it. The oldest boy is like a fish. And the second boy, well, the jury is out. BUT I did take all four kids to our little neighborhood pool, with the youngest two in life vests, because, you know, in case. It went swimmingly. (ha) Reading I’m still reading this book to help me raise my spirited children. I don’t know that it’s helping immensely but I do see patterns in their behavior that mirror descriptions…

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