big nose big boogers

instagrammer? help?

August 27, 2014

What I think my day looks like: What my day really looks like: So now I’m on instagram. WHOOOOOAAAAA NELLY! It’s all because of two ladies: Jacqui & Grace. Follow them & their blogs/social mediums? Better or trouble! But I need your help. How do I operate it? How do I connect? How do I find other things I’m into? What the helllllo are ###HASHTAGS###? Come be my friend? Maybe when I figure it out I’ll get the old grammar whammer up here on ye old blog. It’s crowded. Speaking of that, what would you like to see/not seen on the home page around here? Can you be my consultant? Won’t you be my neighbor? Punchy mom after long day with kids. Forgive the iPhone photo dump. X to the O. Best line of the day: SuperBoy shows me his finger complete with long booger adhered: “MAMA WHERE CAN I PUT THIS? In your nose?” Um. I have enough of my own. #dutchnoseproblems #peoplewithbignoses #bignoseshavebigboogers –see what I mean about the hashtags? She’s not too sure about this boy bonding going on here.  

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